Custom recipe management software

Recipe Organizer

  • automatic search for your own recipes according to the available ingredients

  • sophisticated search functions - ( eg. identifying ingredients that are still missing from recipes)

  • simple and fast editing of recipes (inserting from the list of ingredients, possibility to insert your own photo etc.)

  • The program works locally on your computer without the need for a network connection

Software Description

Surely everyone has asked themselves the fundamental question more than once: What can I cook from my favorite dishes right now if I use only the ingredients I have currently available at home? Exactly such a decision will make your software much easier. Just run the program, select the ingredients that you have available and run the advanced search tool. You will immediately see recipes sorted by the minimum amount of missing ingredients. (For easier orientation, the percentage of ingredients available to me for cooking is shown). The organizer already contains a basic database of recipes for food preparation, which can  also be used.

With a single click on any recipe from this overview, you will see the ingredients that the dish contains and that you still lack in order to prepare the dish. Of course, there are also other data that you can see immediately. It is mainly the method of preparing food and photograph of the recipe. You can very easily add your own favorite recipes to the system in addition to the sample recipes that are available to you by purchasing this software. The selection of ingredients that you have purchased will be greatly facilitated by intelligent search functions, which allow us to enter the texts of ingredients with a certain degree of generality. The program then searches for recipes that also contain the exact wording of the ingredients according to the analysis of the common names you've entered. The program also includes an additional tool that searches for only those recipes that contain the selected ingredients in alphabetical order.

There are a large number of online databases of various recipes on the Internet. These are usually a large number of recipes to view. However, such databases are impersonal and, in addition, do not allow for more detailed organization, sorting, sophisticated search options (eg according to the ingredients you have available). This software enables easy storage of your own recipes. However, almost all of us have our own favorite and sometimes special diet recipes. Usually we write them down on scraps of paper, at best in a workbook.

Many of us have thought of recording recipes in Word or an Excel spreadsheet, in which we can easily change and search alphabetically. However, some advanced search functions are very difficult to use in Excel, even for experienced users, and we cannot implement some of them here at all by common means (eg searching according to ingredients that the recipe may contain). This is exactly what most of us (who cook) do in our heads every day. In our minds, we quickly think about "... What can I cook today based on the ingredients I have at home?" One option is to look through the cookbook. But scrolling through such a cookbook is quite lengthy and cumbersome. A better option is to use a smart software - Recipe Organizer that will do this for you automatically in a speedy way. We can then easily choose from a few simple options based on a sorted list of suitable recipes for your current situation.

It is for these reasons that we created a sophisticated recipe organizer first for the needs of our family. We then copied the program for our friends and because more and more people showed interest in it, we also created this website, where we offer it to any of you at an affordable price. The organizer is exactly the place not only for recording your favorite recipes, but also for searching and sorting these recipes according to a wide range of criteria. The program you have the opportunity to obtain is exclusively your personal application, so it does not need an internet connection. For these reasons, working with a recipe organizer is very fast, operative and clear.